5 Reasons to Take Your Puppy to Puppy School

There are very few things in this life better than bringing a puppy into your life, but giving one a home also comes with a lot of responsibility. One of the best things you can do to cope with that responsibility is take your new dog to puppy school. Here are just five reasons why it's a great idea. 1. Builds Trust and Enhances Your Bond It isn't exactly hard to bond with your puppy, but going through puppy school together can really cement the connection.

Getting Rid of Sharp Claws on Cats

If you have a cat you'll know how much damage they can do to furniture and even flooring with their sharp claws. With more and more cats being asked to stay inside and be indoor cats they have less opportunity to naturally lose the sharpest edge of their claws. Here are some options.  Offer them scratching posts There is a range of commercially available scratching products which mimic natural scratch surfaces and should help your cat to blunt their claws while giving them an acceptable place to scratch.