Getting Rid of Sharp Claws on Cats

If you have a cat you'll know how much damage they can do to furniture and even flooring with their sharp claws. With more and more cats being asked to stay inside and be indoor cats they have less opportunity to naturally lose the sharpest edge of their claws. Here are some options. 

Offer them scratching posts

There is a range of commercially available scratching products which mimic natural scratch surfaces and should help your cat to blunt their claws while giving them an acceptable place to scratch. You can gently discourage them from using the less favoured surfaces (such as your couch or the curtains), and redirect them to the acceptable scratching post. Of course, it can be tricky to convince a cat to change their behaviour when they have decided on their favourite place to scratch so be prepared for a lot of work!

Claw covers

Another option is to cover their claws in a vinyl or soft cap. These prevent them not only from intentionally scratching surfaces but from unintentionally causing light scratches, for example when they walk around on hardwood floors. This can be a great alternative as it allows the cat to walk around normally. The claws can be applied at home by the owner, but it can often be easier to get them applied by a professional as the cats may decide part way through the process that they are not interested and run off if you are not quick enough in the application. These tend to last for a few weeks before needing reapplication depending on how active the cat is. 

Claw trimming

Finally, another option is to get the cat's claws trimmed. The edge of cats claws is keratin and can be trimmed in a similar way to human nails. Professional groomers have devices, similar to those used in manicure salons, which allow them to gently buff and blunt the claws while not affecting the soft tissue around the paw. This needs to be regularly repeated. Many cat owners find it easiest to use a mobile grooming service that comes to the house and grooms your cat in an environment that they are comfortable. 

If you are looking to stop your cat from scratching people, furniture or the house there are a range of options you can try. It can be useful to meet with a groomer to discuss what might be the most practical solution for your family.