Getting Rid of Sharp Claws on Cats

If you have a cat you'll know how much damage they can do to furniture and even flooring with their sharp claws. With more and more cats being asked to stay inside and be indoor cats they have less opportunity to naturally lose the sharpest edge of their claws. Here are some options.  Offer them scratching posts There is a range of commercially available scratching products which mimic natural scratch surfaces and should help your cat to blunt their claws while giving them an acceptable place to scratch.

3 Diet Tips to Help Prepare Your Cat for Cancer Surgery

While tumor removal surgery is often a promising treatment for cats with cancer, it's not a magic cure-all. If you want your cat to get through surgery and make a swift recovery, you'll need to make sure their condition doesn't deteriorate before their surgery date. Diet is one of the most important factors in a cat's health -- especially when the cat in question is unwell. Unfortunately, cats with cancer often lose their appetite, which can make nutrition more difficult.

Protecting your cat from heart worm

Heartworm is a parasite that can infect cats through a number of mechanisms including direct blood contact from fighting and open wounds, and indirect blood transfer from mosquitoes. Heartworm disease can range from a mild infection that causes discomfort to a severe infection which leading to problems breathing. Here are some tips to help your cat protect your cat from heartworm.  Limit exposure to the disease The main exposure to heartworm comes from fighting and living outside where mosquitos can bite the cat.

What should you do if your pet receives a snake bite?

The hot weather brings out much of Australia's unique wildlife, including its snakes. While humans know to be weary of the long grass, pets often show less restraint and, in some cases, will actively chase after a disturbed snake to play catch. This makes them particularly vulnerable to getting snake bites, and their smaller size means a bite that would not kill a human can still be fatal to a dog or cat.

Safely Transporting Your Python

Pet taxi services are called on to transport many different animals from cats and dogs, to birds and exotics.  However, transporting large snakes, such as pythons can be an unusual challenge.  It's therefore important that owners understand how best to package their snakes to ensure that the journey is a smooth one for all concerned. Here are some top tips on how to prepare and equip your python for a stress-free taxi ride.