Lipoma in Dogs: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

If you've noticed a lump on your dog, he may have a lipoma. But what is a lipoma and what can your veterinarian do to treat the condition? Read on to find out more. What is a lipoma? First of all, don't panic; lipomas are not cancerous. A lipoma is a benign, fatty mass that forms beneath the dog's skin. Over time, these lumps tend to grow larger, and it's highly likely that your dog will develop multiple lipomas once one has appeared.

What should you do if your pet receives a snake bite?

The hot weather brings out much of Australia's unique wildlife, including its snakes. While humans know to be weary of the long grass, pets often show less restraint and, in some cases, will actively chase after a disturbed snake to play catch. This makes them particularly vulnerable to getting snake bites, and their smaller size means a bite that would not kill a human can still be fatal to a dog or cat.

Safely Transporting Your Python

Pet taxi services are called on to transport many different animals from cats and dogs, to birds and exotics.  However, transporting large snakes, such as pythons can be an unusual challenge.  It's therefore important that owners understand how best to package their snakes to ensure that the journey is a smooth one for all concerned. Here are some top tips on how to prepare and equip your python for a stress-free taxi ride.

Back to the Future: Improve Your Barn with Cool Tech

Tired of people thinking equestrians and farm folk are old-fashioned and resistant to change? Being a child of the country doesn't mean you have to be behind the times! Check out these 5 innovative tech tools that could help you run and maintain your barn or stables. 1. Put Mealtimes on Autopilot with Automatic Feeders Distributing your horse feed every day requires one of two things: a lot of time in your schedule, or a lot of money to spend on staff.

Which Vaccinations Does Your Cat Need Before Boarding?

Catteries, such as Cottage Kennels & Cattery, typically require their furry visitors to have been vaccinated before they will accept them for a stay. This may take a little advance planning on your part -- you don't just have to have your pet vaccinated against common feline diseases, but you also have to leave time for the vaccinations to work before it can board. Basic Vaccination Requirements Vaccination requirements may vary, depending on the cattery and its state code of practice.