Back to the Future: Improve Your Barn with Cool Tech

Tired of people thinking equestrians and farm folk are old-fashioned and resistant to change? Being a child of the country doesn't mean you have to be behind the times! Check out these 5 innovative tech tools that could help you run and maintain your barn or stables.

1. Put Mealtimes on Autopilot with Automatic Feeders

Distributing your horse feed every day requires one of two things: a lot of time in your schedule, or a lot of money to spend on staff. Save time and money with automatic feeders. Aside from the convenience factor, an automatic feeder can also improve horse health. Setting the feeder to distribute small, regular portions will aid your horses' digestion and nutritional intake.

2. Get More Beauty Sleep with a Grooming Vacuum

Even when you use two hands to groom, it can still be time-consuming to beautify several horses. Ever thought about using a vacuum to groom your ponies? A regular wet-dry handheld vac works wonders, but a dedicated horse grooming vacuum is even better. Vacuuming removes loose hairs and dirt from the horse's coat in record time. In turn, you'll get more time to sleep, eat and find time to even groom yourself.

3. Lights Out with Motion Sensors

Sometimes you'll leave the lights on in your feed room for easier mealtimes. Other times, you'll find yourself leaving the lights on in your tack room by accident. Investing in motion sensors can actually save you money. Motion sensors slash your energy bills by switching the lights on and off automatically when you enter and leave each room.

4. Easy Breezy Air Exchangers

Good barn ventilation is essential for horse health and comfort. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to regulate temperature and humidity with natural ventilation. Air exchangers are becoming more common in human homes, and they have the same benefits for horses, too. An exchanger will take care of all the ventilation work for you by filtering fresh, outdoor air into your barn to replace the stale, contaminated air.

5. Chill Out with a Pharmacy Fridge

Stocking up on vet supplies is a great way to stay prepared, but where can you store them? Some medicines need to be kept chilled, but keeping them alongside your cheese and milk is a health and safety no-no. Investing in a dedicated pharmaceutical refrigerator is the most ideal, hygienic way of storing medicines. They even come in varying sizes to fit any barn, from table-top to full-height.