5 Reasons to Take Your Puppy to Puppy School

There are very few things in this life better than bringing a puppy into your life, but giving one a home also comes with a lot of responsibility. One of the best things you can do to cope with that responsibility is take your new dog to puppy school. Here are just five reasons why it's a great idea. 1. Builds Trust and Enhances Your Bond It isn't exactly hard to bond with your puppy, but going through puppy school together can really cement the connection.

4 Ways to Make Sure You Reconnect With Your Cat After it Has Been Boarded

Cats usually don't accept change as well as other pets. With that in mind, they might be a little peeved with you if you leave them in a boarding facility, no matter how nice it is. You'll have taken them out of their territory, away from you, and into a new environment that is filled with other cats. When you pick them up, you might find that they give you the cold shoulder for a while.

Lipoma in Dogs: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

If you've noticed a lump on your dog, he may have a lipoma. But what is a lipoma and what can your veterinarian do to treat the condition? Read on to find out more. What is a lipoma? First of all, don't panic; lipomas are not cancerous. A lipoma is a benign, fatty mass that forms beneath the dog's skin. Over time, these lumps tend to grow larger, and it's highly likely that your dog will develop multiple lipomas once one has appeared.